VenSource Capital is an organization of innovators dedicated to meeting the equipment financing needs of venture capital sponsored startup companies. Our mission is to help our customers grow by designing efficient equipment financing that preserves development capital, accelerates growth, and creates shareholder value.

Located in Wilton, CT, VenSource Capital LLC is part of the VenSource group of companies, which includes VenSource Management, LLC and VenSource Holdings, LLC.

VenSource’s customers are primarily focused in the areas of technology, software, energy, medical, IT, and biotechnology.  We finance business equipment essentials like computers and servers, lab and test equipment, communications equipment, security devices, manufacturing and production equipment and office automation equipment. 

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Customers with problems require thoughtful, timely solutions. When these customers are venture capital-backed start-ups or emerging growth companies in need of financing, they need quick well-designed solutions to the financing challenges that they face.  VenSource Capital delivers.

Ask our customers what made them choose VenSource Capital and you’re likely to get many different answers. There’s one thing they’ll all agree on though; our team delivers outstanding results.

Reaching milestones while conserving equity capital and managing working capital can be daunting. Internal funds are at a high premium. VenSource Capital provides flexible, efficient equipment financing to help meet these challenges.